Deftones - Royal Sözleri
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Royal - Deftones Sözleri

God bless
Calm downContact
Reach us
Go wildI'll taste your name
I'll tell off these spades
Watch this
Calm down
Teach us
The roads
Your contact
It keeps us provoked
Remove your veil
Every last one
I'm on your team
Let's goFace to face not scared
My custom made nightmares
Armed with teeth in fashion
Now all we need is nice shotGod bless
Come downOur contact
Reach us
Go wild
Remove your veil, every last one
I'm on your team
I'll be in it too
Rockets take you all to-tonight
It's timeTake me
I don't care where
Take me
(Evil scream)

Royal Sözleri !!!